2009 – part 1

As all the cool bloggers are doing it, I thought I’d post a summary of 2009.  I’ve included what I blogged about in each month as I didn’t do that much blogging!

January: Last Christmas I was looking forward, somewhat nervously, of heading off to Science Online 2009 in North Carolina.  Travelling in January, particularly to the US, is not something to be happily anticipated but the conference was very good and it was fantastic meeting so many of the bloggers that I’ve read for the last few years.  Sadly I’m not off to Science Online 2010 but I’m sure it will be great. I blogged about Haggis, introducing faculty to science blogging, and talking about science, based on a book picked up in North Carolina that mentioned the UK parliament.


February: February was filled with work related things such as seminars and teaching.  I did manage to give an internal seminar at the university on science blogging called “Can Science Blogging Enhance Your Research Life“.  I blogged about socks, literature searching, my inability to remember passwords, and the aforementioned talk.

March: March was also filled with work related things, including a day at the Potteries Museum in Hanley with a Jack the Ripper, Forensic Science theme.  I spent an interesting day dressed vaguely like a Victorian woman, telling people all about fibre analysis (and being mistaken for a very life like wax work at one point). I blogged about the colour of Nature Chemistry, EPSRC peer review, treating organic animals with homeopathy, and GCSE science exam papers.

April: involved a trip to London – my first trip on the London Eye and a visit to Kew gardens to see the magnolias.

Kew 1London Eye

I was also lucky enough to be selected for the Nesta Crucible program so attended lab 1 near London a few weeks later.  I blogged a blog roll in three parts 1, 2 and 3, the duty of scientists to engage with the public, my Chemistry in its element podcast, asparagus, and called for posts for the May Scientiae carnival.

May: brought the end of the Easter vacation and a return to teaching.  I did fit in a quick conference trip though, up to Dunfermline to the Emerging Analytical Professional’s conference, giving a talk about managing your online identity, science blogging and the like.  I hosted the May Scientiae blog carnival in two parts 1 and 2, and blogged about confusing chemistry words, train rides, fireworks, and chemistry demonstrations.

June: was the end of term, Nesta Crucible Lab 2 in Lancaster, a short break to the Lake District and a work related trip to the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre which is a chemistry themed museum in Widnes. I also stopped blogging over at Nature Network with one last post, and took up blogging here on my own site.  Over here I blogged about Science Scouts badges, and keeping the libel laws out of science

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