Weekend Reading

AFM of Pentacene

This story has been all over the internetz this week, so I’ll decline to comment (other than wow!) and send you in the direction of those who have said it all already:

Excimer@ Carbon Based Curiosities

Greg Laden (nice to see something vaguely chemistry hitting the wider blogosphere)

Kyle @ The Chem Blog (rather, uh, unique take on it!)

Chemistry World

The paper (Science) DOI: 10.1126/science.1176210)

Non-chemistry miscellany

The West Wing Parody @ Greg Laden’s Blog

Categories of Science Related Blogger@ Eva Amsen’s Expression Patterns (I loved that chemistry was the example of a niche blog!)

PhD Vivas-@ JaneB’s Now, what was I doing? (nice take on the UK PhD Viva system from the point of view of an examiner/survivor.)

Will the word Blogger disappear? @ BoraZ’s A Blog Around the Clock (I hope so – would be far easier to be thought of as a writer, than all the negative connotations that blogger can bring with it)

And if all of this isn’t enough, go over and check out Chris Rowan’s links at Highly Allochthonous, with a distinctly earth science spin.


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