Science and Art

Last weekend while I was down in London, I managed to go down to Burlington House to have a look at the Carbon Rapture exhibition in thecourtyard.   A graphite electrode, a huge model of Buckminster Fullerene (C60) and a giant pyramid of diamond dominate the courtyard.    The diamond model is in fact the largest model of diamond in the world.  It contains 31387 ‘carbon atoms’ – clear plastic balls!carbon rapture 1

Photo Credit: Dr Graeme Jones

This was the brainchild of Dr Graeme Jonesof Keele University and is a wonderful example of art from science.  Tell that to the students who spent hours assembling the pyramidal diamond model in the centre of the image above.  Anyway, it was pretty impressive.

Sadly the exhibition has moved on but rumour has it that it will be popping up else where in the UK later this year.

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