20 Teaching Days to Christmas

Perhaps this is an example of blogging the lost, or perhaps I’m procrastinating but I’m struggling to finish blog posts at the moment. My draft folder is full of half-written pieces and I get distracted or something halfway through and give up. Half-formed ideas that I can’t quite get right.The semester is 2/3 over which leaves 20 teaching days to Christmas. We’re finishing late this year but that gives more time before exams and the start of the second semester in 2020.

Teaching days 25 – 21 were quite diverse. I marked a lot of 3rd year infographics on the evidence for homogeneous catalytic cycles, I taught 2nd year industrial chemists on the topics of project management and basic finance in preparation for their group project pitches next week. I did 4 hours of outreach to high school students on the periodic table (timed for International Year of the Periodic Table, and Chemistry Week) and watched the Royal Society of Chemistry light up the side of our new teaching laboratory with visual imagery related to the Periodic Table. I chaired our school’s sustainability committee and tried to work out what to focus on for the next few months to make progress towards our next benchmark statement, and I ran a session on Science Communication with some of our 4th year MChem students. I might have fixed my computer issue (the monitor blinks on and off randomly), and I did some prep for next week and starting the 1st years off on a group project.

Next week brings group project pitches with the 2nd years, the group project introduction with the 1st years and probably more marking! I have to admit I’m feeling like I’m in group project overload at this point with one mid-way and the other just starting up. And I’m hoping to see my final year project students.

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