Adventures in Google Classroom Part 2

The start of term is a week away, and the first class in the Industrial Chemistry module is two weeks today. I have been setting up all of my courses on our VLE, and of course, adding more items to Google Classroom.

Adding students to Google Classroom: I have decided to post a link to Google Classroom on our VLE as well as the code required to gain access to the class. I will let students join themselves rather than inputting all of their email addresses (the alternative way of populating the class with students). I will monitor how many join between now and the first class and if needed, will manually add any remaining students before the first class.  I have added a colleague as a student so I can see what things look like from their point of view and check that things work. Generally student view is like teacher view but without the additional bits and pieces for scheduling and creating posts.

Adding Content:  I have added assignments and announcements to the Stream, this puts things in chronological order but it is possible to schedule things to be released as required which is useful. With assignments, a due date can be set and this adds the deadline to the classroom calendar and to a GoogleCalendar that is shared with my other calendars. I have set topics for all the content so far, and as mentioned previously, this will allow students to view the content either chronologically through Stream or by topic. I would have liked this as as student but I have to think carefully about what the optimum number of topics is. You can only set one topic per object. 

Assignments: I am looking forward to seeing how the assignments work. I have a variety of different assignments to set and so I am not entirely sure how the handed in feature will work with the different aspects. I have sheets to edit, tests/forms to complete, and files to submit. I have been reading the help files aimed at students to get a better sense of how this will work. Yes, I prefer reading – I do not wish to watch slow paced videos illustrating the technology! Just give me a few screenshots. 

The next step is to let the students get onto the site and start using it. 

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