Poster boys

Those of you who are on twitter may have noticed the following pictures as tweets yesterday.  I walk past these posters every day but yesterday they really caught my eye.  Lets take this one first:

Does this make any of you want to teach physics? Does this make any of you want to set foot in a classroom again? It is possibly the least exciting, most depressing poster I’ve ever seen.   Yes, Einstein, big name in physics/science, but as a poster boy for teaching? Not so much.  I understand the historical context of this style of poster but do current undergraduates?  I mean, do they ‘get’ the poster? Now, I’m sure I’ll get the political correctness police on my case for this but this poster does not appeal to me as a young female. This poster tells me that grey haired white men wearing brown suits and dubious striped ties are physics teachers.  Like that stereotype needed reinforcing (although I was fortunate enough not to be taught by many in that category).  I’m a chemist but still love physics, and physics teaching must be exciting, vibrant and challenging, that is not conveyed here.

Moving on then…

I would probably start by using chemically sensible equations.  I know this must be the work of a graphic artist but it is blatantly inaccurate.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen chemistry misused in adverts, there was that extremely dubious facecream a few years ago that claimed to have all the elements of the periodic table in it.  During the TV ads, we were subjected to all kinds of elements flashing up on screen, including uranium and polonium.

Closer look:

Yes, that is Ag6NO3  and I’m not entirely sure what 3NO3- is either.  Sigh.

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