Chemistry Education Blog Carnival #chemedcarnival

I miss blog carnivals. For those who weren’t lurking in the chemistry blogosphere back in the mid/late naughties, a blog carnival is where a bunch of bloggers write posts on a specific theme proposed by the host. On carnival day, the host publishes a blogpost with links to all the posts and encourages traffic to the participating blogs.

So I propose that here, on A Chemical Unconformity, there will be a chemistry education blog carnival on February 28th.  I don’t include chemistry in the title to exclude people who don’t identify as chemists – it’s open to all who wish to respond to the topic. It’s also open to teachers of chemistry/science at all levels from primary, through secondary and into FE and HE (K12, community college, universities), and to students and…well anyone who wants to write a post on the topic and share the link!

In common with most courses in learning and teaching, let’s start with a nice easy topic:

The most memorable teaching session you have participated in.

It might be one you delivered, one you were a student in, or one you were an observer of. It might have been for any group of students or even part of a conference.

There is no obligation to write a new post, if you’ve got something in your archive that fits the bill, that’s absolutely fine.

Don’t have a blog and still want to play? A blog carnival is a collection of links to things written by interesting people. You could link to a series of tweets threaded together, a static page on a personal website or on any other web based means that can be viewed without requiring a logon for the reader.

Submission of posts: please leave a comment on this post with a link to your post by midnight 26th February (your local time). I will compile the carnival post on the 27th so it can appear on the 28th.

We’re going to need a hashtag! Please share your posts on twitter or other social media using #chemedcarnival

A few rules which may be summarized as ‘be nice’. 

I will not link to posts that are offensive or derogatory to students or teaching staff, or that could be construed as derogatory to prior or parallel levels of study.

I will not link to posts by anyone who can’t behave themselves reasonably in comments or social media related to this carnival. I will also report people for behaving inappropriately, delete comments and use my considerable powers of persuasion to convince the universe to unleash mayhem on them.






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