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I’ll post a photo later, once I’ve found the cable that hooks up the other camera to the computer.  For your reading pleasure this lunchtime, a list of links.

Over at The Spandrel Shop on  Scientopia, Proflikesubstance has a nice post “What can and can’t you expect from your trainees?”  It’s from the North American point of view but is a nice post and subsequent discussion on what PI/supervisors can expect from PhD students and postdocs.  I agree with most of it to a point and so to write a longer post would mainly be to reiterate the points already made from a UK point of view.  That seems pointless. FemaleScienceProfessor has a nice post on the same topic but asking trainees more directly about their opinions on certain issues like whether your PI/supervisor gets tenure/contract renewed.

If you were under any misconceptions about life as an academic, DrugMonkey clears it up “Being a PI ain’t all unicorns and rainbows…just like most actual jobs“.  Yes, really, some people did think that a tenure track/junior academic post would be the solution to all of their problems.

At Reciprocal Space on Occam’s Typewriter, Stephen Curry has an excellent post on current/recent developments in the UK funding system. ” The shove that dare not speak its name”  is a pretty good summary of how things are at the moment and a nice discussion on what excellence in research is and could be.  There may be a post brewing in my head on the topic but some of the issues are difficult to rationalise without a great deal of context.

Bad Project has done the rounds over the weekend but for anyone who’s missed it, CarbonBasedCuriosities has it.  Yes folks, its a Lady GaGa lab spoof!

Apparently it isn’t just homework and assignments that bring out the odd excuses from people: NIH grants do to.  VWXYNot (also Occam’s Typewriter) describes a recent email from NIH (NIH cracks down on “the dog ate my email” excuses)  on various excuses not to use when likely to miss a grant deadline.

And finally, Prof Murry’s recent editorial in Anal. Chem. is wonderful.  If you can’t access it, try Everyday Scientist’s post for a good summary.

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