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If you’re looking for some light reading, I’d suggest the following posts:

I want to know, what you are thinking… over at Exponential Book by Massimo.  Its a nice take on student evaluations of courses and why they eat in to teaching time.  Female Science Professor has a post on the same topic, wondering when the best time to give out teaching evaluations is.  I’d prefer not to give out teaching evaluations at any specific time – I’d rather provide a means for students to raise any concerns or highlight anything they’ve found particularly useful at any point during a course, rather than expecting them to sit down and mark our work at the end of each semester.  At least then we would be able to address any issues that might arise in time to benefit our current class rather than the following years class.

Chemistry World Blog has some fantastic Christmas gift ideas that would be suitable for chemists.  Seriously, I want some cookie cutters like those, but that may be a response to R’s request that the Christmas cake be iced this year – I could decorate it with beakers and test tubes and lab stuff – how geeky!

Prof-Like Substance wonders if Society subscriptions are some kind of herd immunity.  November – January is definitely resubscription season and after toying with the choice of Nature Chemistry or RSC, I decided that I would go for both again.  Really it came down to a choice between good research articles in Nature Chemistry or a great crossword in Chemistry World.  Sad but true!  I do make more use of my RSC membership than that but did force myself to sit down and think about it this year.

And for those of you who still have some Powerpoint to churn out to an audience this year, Paul over at ChemBark highlights some short cuts that may make presentations less annoying.  Personally I’d be happy if the animation feature was removed from all future releases of Powerpoint, along with a couple of the templates that make me seasick.  I believe in all of my Powerpoints I have about 3 animated slides which may well be 3 too many.

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