Poster: NMR Diagnostic Test #ViCEPHEC17

One purpose of this blog post is to provide additional materials for my poster at Variety in Chemistry Education 2017.

This is the third of three posters presented this year on our NMR diagnostic test project. It’s a subset of a larger project but the NMR results have been quite interesting and I’ve also been fortunate enough to have a couple of students work on the project.

For those attending ViCEPHEC17 who fancy having a go at some spectroscopy diagnostic test questions, here’s a link to a shortened online version. All submissions are anonymous and there are only 5 questions!

If you have any feedback on the test, you can comment on this post, or get in touch at Variety or by email. Using GoogleForms is new this year for this type of test.

The ViCEPHEC17 Poster is here:


For the RSC Twitter Poster competition, this poster was submitted which outlines some of the key initial findings:

For Methods in Chemistry Education Research, the poster focussed on the research methods we were using to investigate this project:

Poster: Methods of investigating alternative conceptions in NMR

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