If I designed Learning Technology…

1. The Turnitin screen could be customised to let the students self-assess their work at the point of submission. This could be with the rubric or with questions designed by the academic.

2. Blackboard tests could be deployed via the Blackboard interface during class on student devices, producing the kind of graphs that Turning Technology voting systems can produce and that Socrative doesn’t seem to.

3. Interoperability would be paramount in design – no proprietary formats, everything available for export and facility for import (CSV or txt files is fine). So no having to reformat my MCQs (word) into various excel formats for upload and having them lost forever because you can’t download.

4. There would be an easy way to do super- and sub-scripts without using clunky text editing tools. Preferably, this would be incorporated into keyboards like shift keys are.

5. As with 4 but for symbols.

I’m sure there are more but these are the things that have caused frustration in the past week.

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