#ViCEPHEC16 Pre-conference musings and updates

It’s that time of year again – Variety in Chemistry Education.  It’s so warm here in Southampton, I’m struggling to spell chemistry properly.

In advance of the conference, I recommend Charles Harrison’s piece on the difference between community and clique within the ChemEd community. http://www.rsc.org/eic/2016/07/community-clique-conference


By way of update to my post last year recaping the previous few years, particularly the social media outputs:


Last year’s Storify can be found: https://storify.com/RSC_EiC/is-vicephec15-the-most-hotly-anticipated-conferencThere’s also one on Paul Taylor’s Ecopedagogy session: https://storify.com/S_J_Lancaster/ecopedagogy-at-vicephec15

Michael Seery’s EiC blogpost on the conference: http://www.rsc.org/blogs/eic/2015/08/variety-in-chemistry-education-2015

My assorted ramblings:


Variety in Chemistry Education: The Keynotes #vicephec15

Do Chemists have Chemophobia? An Update #vicephec15

If you want to go back further than 2015, I suggest starting here:

A recap of previous Variety in Chem Ed conferences. #vicephec15


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