Not the What but the Why

I have genuinely been puzzled, not by what someone was doing (because let’s face it, I deal with students, what is irrelevant), but by the why.

Smart phones are great in an education setting, looking up information, lecture notes, keeping track of timetables, your diary and your email. And playing games when there’s a class on. Why?

If I missed  a lecture as an undergrad, I borrowed the notes from a classmate and copied them up. It seems that many students miss a lecture and make no effort to obtain the actual notes from the session. Why? In some cases it might be justified a bit – we use tablet PCs so annotated notes are sometimes available, or we have lecture recordings so things can be caught up. But the most bewildering one was a lecture where the lecturer was putting content on the white board to supplement the powerpoint, many students missed it and a substantial number never caught up on the notes. Why?



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