End of week 9 update

No matter how determined I am to ‘write more’ of any sort (and there is a direct correlation between the quantity of writing here and the quantity of work done on drafts of papers – more blogging = more writing), semester has ways of ending the best will.

I have been travelling a little for work to attend a committee meeting at the RSC and to do a programme validation. I’m amazed that (a) I can find days with nothing scheduled to travel, and (b) just how tiring a simple train or plane trip can be for a day.

I have been writing new lectures at a ridiculous rate (at least 1 new prep per week this semester, some weeks up to 3).  It is hard going developing new-to-me content, worse still when some is new-to-my-uni content meaning there are no previous lecture notes to use as a road map.

I have been working on the paperwork for a new degree programme here and find that writing programme specifications kills any other writing ability temporarily.  Reading may module proposals, trying to figure out what regulations are needed and giving the programme handbook a wide berth until the other components of the course are finalised.

I was happy to see  one of my posts featured in this month’s Nature Chemistry Blogroll column (http://blogs.nature.com/thescepticalchymist/2014/11/blogroll-moving-on-up.html). It was my begin again post of a few weeks ago, http://www.possibilitiesendless.com/2014/10/begin-again/. (Was that just a few weeks ago? Seems much longer).

And I’m counting down to my own version of ‘black Friday’ – the day when all my coursework is due! Somehow I managed to schedule work from three different courses to come in 4pm, Friday week 11. This gives me time to mark things over the holidays but fingers crossed that no disaster befalls the submission software! I always forget that proximity to deadlines increases the number of student questions that require prompt responses…


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