Recommended Reading (Teaching) #FF

A bloggy follow Friday of sorts.

Education in Chemistry have started a blog, with several posts by Michael Seery. Well worth a look for anyone interested in education as the content is translatable beyond Chemistry.

And if that isn’t enough Michel Seery for you, I recommend his blog ‘Is This Going To Be On The Exam?’ where he’s just marked 4 years of blogging.

You might also check out the Chemistry Vignettes site. And Simon Lancaster’s recent EiC piece on student authored vignettes. [See, when EiC finds its way to my mail box at work, I actually read it…always forget to look at the online version, so it was with great delight (and a degree of terror) that I opened the copy addressed to ‘head of undergradute chemistry teaching, Keele University’ this week]

If you’re at risk of feeling a bit jaded by teaching, can I suggest Keele’s new journal, the Journal of Academic Development and Education.   Website and current issue.

While we’re looking at Keele, our Learning and Professional Development Centre has started to aggregate good practice in teaching into a website and blog called Solutions.

Happy Reading!

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